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About Us

Zeeke Payment Solutions (ZPS) has evolved over the years since 2002; showing positive growth every year, but never losing sight of what has been most important – OUR CUSTOMERS.

From the very beginning, having adopted the philosophy that “we would much rather be long term selfish, not short term greedy” has allowed ZPS to enjoy great customer growth, retention and a happy, loyal customer base. We understand that the way to a merchant’s heart is initially through low pricing and charging NO JUNK FEES. Providing excellent customer care and having no future pricing surprises is what keeps our customers and turns them into raving fans and believers.

Though the largest majority of our customer base has been concentrated in the Southeast United States, ZPS has customers domiciled in 20 different states. Every year, we have expanded our reach and we know that a large part of this expansion has come from customers referring us to their friends and loved
ones. There is no greater testimonial than referrals.

As we look back and then forward to our anticipated growth over the next 7 years, we are making internal adjustments today (and will continue to do so) to better serve all of our current and future customers. From adding additional customer care team members to providing better communication with industry specific educational snippets, Zeeke Payment Solutions shall never take their customers for granted and we know that we must prove this day in and day out.